To begin, the medium is not the end!

Never before has the capacity to communicate of the human being was so "extended" and democratized. The Internet is for everyone and this means that connects the emotions and ideas of us all. The Internet is an extension of the capabilities of the human being and assumes an innate desire to communicate of its creator. As with any tool can be used for various purposes. But the medium is not the end.

The meaning of internet and web design is beyond the technical device and points to the real-actual integration of the individual with others and with their environment.


My name is Carlos Raposo and I am web developer. I was born in 1969, even before there were the Internet, and so I'm not a native-digital. When I was 15 enjoyed my ZX Spectrum 48K but also theater, poetry and history. Instead of deciding for one or single track I chose to make my own way.

My training joined the exact sciences with the arts and humanities. Completed secondary education in Computer Science and Humanities, founded the Sintra Theatre Company and the Educative Agency Services, Entretempos, based at the Palace of Pena. Simultaneously I graduated as a specialist gardener in historic gardens in Montserrat National Park. The taste for total knowledge took me to license in Philosophy and History of Ideas, and specialized in Philosophy of Language and History of Scientific Ideas and Aesthetics. At the same time I teach logic and work at the Cultural History Studies Center of the New University of Lisbon / Universidade Nova de Lisboa

Cooperative. Assertive. Persistent. Focused. Curious. Rigorous. Adaptable.

Some of my best features.


HTML • CSS • PHP • JAVA • Javascript • SVG

Dreamweaver • Photoshop • Illustrator • Blender • Eclipse • MIT App Inventor • FL Studio

Common but not vulgar, the taste is a matter of adjustment.

The design is an expression of a particular form of life, the human being, his intelligence and emotions. Related to the will and the taste, the design also reflects the relationship of Man with nature and history.

Travel and Residences

Lisbon • Oporto • Barcelona • Madrid • Montevideo • Buenos Aires

Salvador da Bahia • Florianóplis • Natal • Paris • Berlin • London

My house is communication and my homeland humanity.

Things I like vs things I step.

Team work  Selfishness   Orage Juice Poetry Know the names of plants  indifference  Cordiality  Lack of Education  Democracy   Demagogy   Sea River Forest Desert   Vegetables tasteless   Walking barefoot   Xenophobia and Racism  Local food   Farewells   Sunrise Earth Smell Children's laughter



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